Our Shared Isolation – project video three

Monday 22 February, 9:00am - Saturday 1 May, 9:00am
Esther’s third  project video which focuses on evoking a sense of mood and style through portraiture.  
In this video Esther will interview two portrait artists; Mark Pulsford and Dai Griffiths and also portrait photographer Ben Anker, who is our guest judge.  She will chat with them about their creative and technical approaches to portraiture.  She will also be setting the next task and will give some tips.  To accompany the video you will also find attached a worksheet. In this worksheet you will be asked to make some atmospheric self portrait studies .  Once again, if you could email any images of your work to Esther by Thursday 25th February then she will be able to include them in her next video.
Click here for the video and here is the worksheet to accompany the video: self-portrait studies