Our Shared Isolation – project video four

Monday 8 March, 9:00am - Saturday 1 May, 9:00am

This week we have two video presenters.

As you know part of your submission in late April is a short video presentation.  This week’s videos focus on how to make a successful film about your work.  Our partners at Canterbury Christchurch University have provided us with a guide to confidence on film. This is full of technical tips to help us come across confidently on camera. Click here for the film.

In another film, Art historian and artist Jessica Potter will get  us thinking about how to talk about our self-portraits.  She will set some tasks to help us communicate our artistic ideas.  Attached is a sheet that covers the main points in Jess’s film.  Click here for the film. Jess has covered some really in depth ideas in her film and you might like to explore them all but don’t feel that you need to cover them all. The downloadable sheet below outlines what does need to be covered and what is optional. Any questions do contact Esther.

EKST Our Shared Isolation ‘talking about art’ summary sheet

It will be a few weeks until you all hear from Esther again, but she is always available on email if you have anything you would like to share with her.  She would love to see any work you have done in preparation for your final piece and is also happy to answer any questions or to give technical advice. A reminder of her email address here and please do copy in your teacher when contacting her: info@esthermilesart.com