The Big Swap – POSTPONED

Monday 16 March, 9:00am - Thursday 19 March, 4:00pm
Across all schools

When: Monday 16 – Thursday 19 March 2020 during school hours  

Swaps: The following groupings/pairings for the swaps

  1. Spires Academy, The King’s School and St Anselm’s Catholic School 
  2. St Lawrence College and Herne Bay High School 
  3. Dover Christ Church Academy and St Edmund’s School 

Students: 2 Year 9 students from each school (please consider offering any Year 9 student voice students first) to be identified for this opportunity.

N.B. The King’s School to find 4 students if both Spires and St Anselm’s are able to take up this opportunity.

Event objective: To give students the chance to spend time in a school that is different to their own. This is a chance to breakdown boundaries, widen horizons and improve our EKST ‘sense of community’ in relation by spending more time in each other’s settings.

The programme:

Monday – Students from School A arrive at swap School B for orientation. Students join school lessons with their allocated buddies.

Tuesday – Students from School A and B attend The Big Splash and then spend the afternoon in School A with their buddies as per the previous day.

Wednesday – Students from School B arrive at swap School A for orientation then student joins school lessons with their allocated buddies who had attended their school earlier in the week.

Thursday – Students from School B have their second day at swap School A and at the end of the day the two pairs have a debrief with staff from both schools and undertake the evaluation and write a short piece on the experience.

Friday – Students all return to their own schools.

Practicalities: Students will wear their own uniforms and will need to be able to get to/from the swap school on their own for the two days. Lunch provision, participation in and kit for sport, registration etc will be discussed between the schools.

All the students allocated to this swap should be signed up to attend the Big Splash as part of the week where they will get to be part of a large partnership event.

Orientation: The initial orientation on Mon/Weds morning should include:

  • Health & safety/risk assessment/medical issues
  • A tour of the school
  • Issuing ID badge if necessary
  • Arrangements for lunch
  • How to contact lead teacher in emergency
  • What to do if…
  • Plus any other issues according to the host school policy

Evaluation: The swap will be evaluated by all students attending.

What partner schools need to do next:

  1. Allocate a lead teacher for the swap who can be the main point of contact with the partner school and be the mentor for the students when they are in your school for the two days.
  2. The 2 lead teachers from the 2 swapping schools should meet/speak on the phone.
  3. Identify two students who would benefit from this experience.
  4. By Thursday 13 February confirm your school’s intention to take part.

Any questions please contact Sarah Moir, EKST Coordinator