The Big Sing rehearsals

Thursday 28 February, 9:00am - Thursday 21 March, 4:00pm
All schools

‘The Big Sing’ is our partnership choir that includes students from each of the schools.

Rehearsals take place within each of the partner schools on an individual basis with our fantastic choir lead, Lemon Otter. The dates for each of these rehearsals is listed below.

The whole choir then comes together to rehearse and perform. They will be performing on 23 March at 11am at the Beaney Museum in Canterbury, at the Kent Teacher of the Year Award on 10th May at 7.30pm and then at Turner Contemporary on 28th June at 3pm.

Dates for initial hour long rehearsals:

Herne Bay High on 28 February at 8am

St Lawrence College on 1 March at 4pm

St Edmunds on 12 March at 11.30am

Dover Christ Church Academy on 13 March at 2.10pm

The King’s School on 14 March at 5pm

Spires Academy on 19 March at 1.30pm

St Anselm’s on 21 March at 1.30pm


The Beaney Museum