The Big Chill 2023 – day one

9:30am - 2:30pm
Monday 6 February
The Pines Calyx, St Margaret's Bay

Location: Pines Calyx, St Margaret’s Bay, CT15 6DZ

Students: For Year 11 or KS5 students who are experiencing stress/anxiety in the lead up to exams.

Event objective: To give students the chance to get away from their day-to-day stresses in this beautiful location. During the day students will be introduced to skills and techniques that will help them deal with times of stress and pressure in their lives and hopefully go away more resilient and self-reliant.

The sessions: four one-hour workshops lasting facilitated by experts and supported by CCCU ambassadors
• ‘Sleeping well’ with Kirsty Vant: factual and physical ways to get the best restful and restorative sleep.
• ‘Creative crafting’ with Esther Miles: working with their hands students will have the chance to do something totally new and relaxing with our wonderful artist-in-residence.
• ‘Map of Life’ with Gary Studley: working collaboratively students will use mind mapping to identify stress, improve their resilience and find ways to focus on goals.
• ‘The Big Chill’ with The Bay Trust facilitators: away from the stresses of day-to-day life students will get back to nature and enjoy some real time out.

Each school can attend with 12 students.

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