Staff training with Andy Vass focusing on ‘Personal Resilience’

4:30pm - 6:00pm
Tuesday 11 May
via Zoom


The world of work is changing rapidly, in the face of the pandemic. Levels of stress and anxiety from our personal lives overlay the natural demands of the profession. Having the spare capacity to support children’s wellbeing can only be done effectively when adults go first and metaphorically “fit their own mask before helping others” as they say in airline safety briefings.  On occasions work is characterised by a fast paced, multi-dimensional, “hamster wheel” busyness that brings uncertainty complexity, adversity and volatility to relationships and interactions. We do not thrive, remain creative and maintain their capacity if these areas are not managed effectively.

This programme draws on the latest research into how people thrive and flourish. It demonstrates highly practical approaches that bring a sense of autonomy and ability to influence, in a useful way, the challenges educators face on a day to day basis.


  • Understand the five core elements to be resilient
  • Explore your own thinking and narrative that nourishes or depletes energy
  • Recognise where your own influence lies and how to use it
  • Identify the attitudes that drain our energy and how to restore it
  • Take away every day, easy to use strategies for building resilience
  • Focus on the resources that support you (and you already have)
  • Use language to help you and others to thrive


Andy is a former Headteacher now working as a psychologist and professional coach. He is author of nine educational books, including the bestselling “Coaching in Schools”. The Times Educational Supplement said that he “challenged conventional thinking”. He has worked with clients and organisations both commercial and educational across the world and is renowned for talking sense and making a sustainable difference.

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