Our Shared Isolation welcome week

Monday 25 January, 9:00am - Saturday 1 May, 9:00am

Students taking part in the art collaboration ‘Our Shared Isolation’ will all receive their art packs and welcome information this week.

The Welcome Week Video can be watched here. In this video Esther Miles, artist in residence, will introduce herself and then hand over to Dr Jody Walshe, Educational Consultant and Child Psychologist. Jody will explore ways that the lockdowns may have affected each of us, how we have stayed connected and what you might have learnt during these periods of isolation.

Students will have in their art packs a blank postcard which you will need when you are watching Jody’s video. Other than this you will just need a pencil for your first session.

Please make time to watch this video and take part in the activity before the 31 January.

All students taking part should please complete this questionnaire before getting started. This will help us to evaluate the impact of the project and give feedback to our funders.