Mind’s Eye Kent – student magazine inviting submissions now

9:00am - 9:00am
Monday 2 November

East Kent Schools Together is looking for students from each of our eight partner schools and CCCU to contribute to a special edition of our partnership magazine, Mind’s Eye Kent. We want to zoom in on how lockdown impacted students from our partnership and the experience you had of returning to school.

Some questions you might want answered before you get writing:

What is Mind’s Eye Kent?

It is a magazine devised to encourage students to express their views. Previous editions can be found here:  www.mindseyemagazine.com.

How do I know what style to write in?

The tone can be anything from serious to sardonic to light-hearted. Mind’s Eye Kent was conceived in the spirit of journals such as Prospect and The Spectator but there is no reason why elements of Private Eye, Wired, Vogue and Elle should not appear.

How long should it be and does it have to be word perfect?

Articles can be anything from 100 to 1500 words in length. You don’t need to worry about them being word perfect or beautifully presented. When submitted your piece will be professionally sub-edited then published to a high standard of design. We will even source images to complement your piece.

What is the submission deadline?

Monday 2 November is the deadline but with half term just before this you might want to aim for mid-October. Either email the article to your teacher or send it directly to ekstpartnership@gmail.com

Anything else?

Yes, this is a great opportunity and something interesting to add to your CV. We are really looking forward to reading your contribution so get writing today.