Mind’s Eye Kent workshop

4:30pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday 2 October
The King's School

This informal workshop is being run for staff who are keen to encourage more journalistic writing amongst their students and take up the opportunity to be published in the EKST online magazine, Mind’s Eye Kent, which is edited and designed by The King’s School, Canterbury.

The magazine trains pupils to express their views about any aspect of the real world with journalistic skill, then experience professional sub-editing and see their work published to a high standard of design.

The subject of articles, which are non-fiction, can be anything about which the writer feels passionate, from cheese-making to wind-surfing to the psychiatric insights of ancient myth – perhaps politics, history, art, science or religion. The subject can be explored in any genre of non-fiction – the straightforward article that argues a case, a duologue between pupils with opposing views, letters to public figures or to the magazine itself, spoof speeches, diary entries and so on. The tone can be anything from serious to sardonic to light-hearted. Mind’s Eye was conceived in the spirit of journals such as Prospect and The Spectator but there is no reason why elements of Private Eye, Wired, Vogue and Elle should not appear. Articles can be anything from 100 to 1500 words in length.

At present, the Head of English at each school gathers entries from pupils and submits them online to the Editor, Anthony Lyons, who teaches English at King’s. When he has edited the articles, he sends them to the design team, who publishes the magazine on the Mind’s Eye website www.mindseyemagazine.com.

It is hoped that when enough articles are submitted in future there will be a selection process and prizes will be awarded to those writers whose work is chosen.

This meeting will help teachers with running workshops on journalistic writing at their own schools and have a meeting with all would-be writers to decide on subject matter and the most suitable journalistic approach for each piece.

To sign up please email ekstpartnership@gmail.com

Please note that there is no parking at The King’s School but you are able to park for two hours for free at the local Sainsbury’s at Kingsmead.