‘Intelligent Classroom Management’ training led by Andy Vass

4:30pm - 6:00pm
Tuesday 5 October

A unique and dynamic workshop exploring what excellent classroom management looks, sounds and feels like. The central theme is that positive relationships and emotionally intelligent leadership are essential for high quality learning to occur, and that adults must lead by their own behaviours.

Andy Vass is a fantastic trainer who led a session for EKST last year on Personal Resilience that got 10 out of 10 feedback. To read more about Andy you can go to his website.

Some of the areas covered in this training will include how to:

–      Build an empowering classroom culture

–      Apply a broader range of skills and manage your emotions effectively

–      Take care of yourself and become more resilient and confident

–      Respond effectively to the most common classroom challenges

–      Support confidence and healthy self esteem in your children

–      Understand what you already do so well and amplify it

–      Create valuable and attainable development goals

–      Use reflective practice more effectively

–      Tune in to the emotional temperature of the classroom to increase your influence

To sign up use the link below. Please note that this session will not be recorded.


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