Festive craft: Decoupage Baubles

Wednesday 18 November, 9:00am - Saturday 26 December, 9:00am

Our brilliant artist-in-residence, Esther Miles, is back this time with festive craft that will give us all a boost this autumn/winter when we are restricted on what we can do out and about. We hope that having some new weekly creative activities to do at home is a welcome addition to your lives at this time. Also what better focus than to make our classrooms or homes look festive and joyful this year.

All you will need is some old baubles, different bits of paper, PVA glue and an old paintbrush. The printable How to Baubles  can be used or we highly recommend watching Esther’s video guide on our YouTube channel which is the best way to learn the skill and see how easy it is.

Enjoy and share your creations with us on Instagram @eastkentschoolstogether