Everyone’s Responsibility: Supporting children with consent and gender stereotyping 

4:45pm - 5:30pm
Wednesday 12 January

 Supporting children with consent and gender stereotyping with Dr Maryhan Munt – Staff Training

The Everyone’s Invited campaign has highlighted the need for students to better understand the concept of consent as well as gender stereotypes and the role they play in behaviour. This training aims to provide teachers and educators with practical tools and strategies for the classroom to discuss consent as it is linked to:

  • Inappropriate behaviour and how to deal with these situations in the future
  • What they can do to prevent these occurrences
  • Examine unrealistic expectations and views of different genders

Dr Maryhan is a Psychologist and Parenting Expert with over 20 years’ experience. She empowers parents to raise confident kids and schools to nurture resilience with online resources, a supportive membership and now an exciting new podcast ‘How Not to Screw Up Your Kids’. You can read more about Dr Maryhan here. Her last talk for our partnership received great reviews.

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