Dynamic Dialogue activities for improving presentation and public speaking skills

Thursday 3 December, 9:00am - Friday 2 July, 9:00am

Dynamic Dialogue sessions are designed to help develop students’ presentation and public speaking skills alongside raising their confidence and attainment.

These on demand activities not only prepare students for the presentations they may have to give at university but are also valuable to those wishing to go straight into the working world, from interview process right through to leadership skills.

These resources , created by CCCU, can be used by teachers as class activities:

Introductory Video on YouTube – a short video to introduce the explain the importance of these skills to students

Instructions for the Dynamic Dialogue activities – these instructions are for intended to be used by staff  for planning and delivering the activities

Slideshow to accompany the Presenting Under Pressure activity – to accompany the presenting under pressure challenge

Dynamic Dialogue Poems– to accompany the conveying emotion activity