Art Collaboration – ‘Rearranging Deckchairs’

Monday 13 May, 9:00am - Friday 28 June, 5:00pm

Rearranging Deckchairs is a collaborative art project across the East Kent Schools Together partnership.  It is based on the idea of a creative rearrangement of the cloth, decoration and meaning of a typical seaside object – the deck chair.  Following a course of workshops with each participating school, the project will culminate in exhibitions in three different locations in September 2019 and will run alongside Turner Contemporary’s theme of the seaside.

The project intends to unite young people from across the EKST partnership; bringing together students from different social and economic backgrounds.  During a series of workshops students and teachers will have the opportunity to come together to learn new skills, in new environments with the aim of enriching their educational experience.

The project meets the core values outlined by EKST, namely:

Raising Aspirations:

Working together towards the final exhibition will give students an enormous sense of individual and group achievement.  As a result of this large-scale project, student’s work will be showcased publically.  Such an event has the potential to raise both school and university student aspirations.  Learning new skills and partaking in unique experiences has the potential to open up a range of creative possibilities for all involved.

Widening Horizons:

Creative collaborative work such as this can enhance confidence, well-being, teamwork skills and the development of meaningful interactions.  Workshops have been designed with the premise of building a personal and shared narrative through collecting, using and arranging cloth.  In this way, the project aims to broaden student horizons and foster truly creative collaborative relationships.

Workshop dates:

Second grouped Monday 13 May 2019 1 – 4pm The King’s School, St Anselm’s RC School and Spires Academy Spires Academy
Second grouped Thursday 16 May 2019 1 – 4pm DCCA, HBH and St Lawrence Dover Christ Church Academy
Second grouped Monday 20 May 2019 9.30 – 12.30 St Edmunds St Edmunds
Individual finishing Tuesday 4 June 2019 1 – 4pm Spires Academy Spires Academy
Individual finishing Wednesday 5 June 2019 1 -4 pm The Kings School The King’s School
Individual finishing Thursday 6 June 2019 2 – 5pm St Lawrence College St Lawrence College
Individual finishing Monday 10 June 2019 9am – 12pm St Anselm’s RC School St Anselm’s RC School
Individual finishing Monday 10 June 2019 1 – 4pm St Edmunds St Edmunds
Individual finishing Thursday 13 June 2019 1 – 4pm Herne Bay High Herne Bay High
Individual finishing Monday 17 June 2019 10 – 1pm Dover Christ Church Academy Dover Christ Church Academy
Turner Contemporary finishing session Thursday 20 June 2019 10 – 2pm All Turner Contemporary
Launch event for all Friday 28 June 2019 3 – 5pm All Turner Contemporary