#generationrestoration Oceans Day Pines Calyx Oct. 23

EKST received some amazing feedback from students and staff concerning this fantastic day; with many thanks again to The Bay Trust and the Cleary Foundation for all their backing and support to make this happen. Students from Herne Bay High School, Spires Academy and St.Anselm’s were able to support this event. Here is some of the feedback:
I feel super calm after feeling the sea waves!
Eating seaweed
I learnt which plants you can and can’t eat and how to use clay for different things.
The plants you can use as medicine and plants you can eat in the wild
Also asked if there was anything else they’d like to add:
To try more seaweed!!
No it was amazing!!
Chris and Miles were really nice and any questions we had were answered and staff were kind and respectful
A great day yesterday and many thanks for organising this- looking forward to the November event.
Thanks again for yesterday, it was a fab day and all eight of my group loved it.