Supporting and connecting: STEM project resources for home learning

Recommended resources for STEM projects and home learning

1)         STEM leaning resources – A range of resources for home learning, families and in-school. Both the moon camp and the great exhibition at home are good competitions students can enter.

2)         TES recommended online resources – a comprehensive list of free online resources

3)         Institute of Physics – A comprehensive list of online support for teaching Physics topics. The PHeT resources are particularly good for simulations.

4)         Comprehensive list of suggested online resources

5)         Seneca learning – free online platform for all key stages. Very easy to set up and use with classes.

6)         Doddle – On line platform with powerpoints, quizzes and assessments at all key stages. Currently offering all subjects free for current users.

7)         Kerboodle – currently offering free interactive online textbooks and resources from Pearsons

8)         Oxford university press – currently offering free online textbook

9)         Royal Society of Chemistry

10)       MACHEMGUY List of Chemistry videos linked to topics

11) Chartered College of Teachers – are sending out free text messages via Teach first to support teacher wellbeing

12)       Excellent video resource – There are videos for every single topic of GCSE Biology , chemistry and physics, all AQA.

13)       The videos from Fuse School are good too

14)       Level 3 virtual practical resource linking to online practical simulations

15)       Brainscape and anki – online flashcards

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