Supporting and connecting: remote careers provision and ideas

Higher and Further Education partners have huge resources, and now may have extra time for developing new creative ideas and so we will share these as they arise. Our University partner will be in touch with challenges and information in due course, we hope that this will include:

  • Science experiments – STEM departments
  • Mock Trials – Law
  • Programming and coding – IT and Digital
  • Maths and Humanity subject challenges
  • Entrepreneurship & Enterprise challenges/activities – Business Studies

Existing careers resources:

There are many websites offering live and on-demand video streams, many with lesson plans available. Here are a few that you may already be familiar with:

Schools could encourage students to video interview their parents/carers using mobile phones and the content streamed in class or assembly or online. Hopefully with more parents working from home this might be possible.

We will keep adding information as we are made aware of it.

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