The Big Chill 2020 – a new well-being day for students

All our students attending The Big Chill at The Pines Calyx on 11 February said they would recommend the event to a friend or someone invited to come another year. This pilot event came out of a meeting of pastoral training staff when it was highlighted that student anxiety continues to rise and cause stress for students in Year 11 and 13.

We had over sixty students attending from all seven of our schools and all those attending reported that they had enjoyed the day because they had learnt ‘more about themselves’, ‘learnt how to relax’, ‘enjoyed mind-mapping’, ‘loved getting back to nature’ and had really enjoyed ‘making new friends’. This pilot event saw students take part in bookbinding creative workshops, a nature walk, mind-mapping and a sleep workshop. Thanks to the Bay Trust for hosting us – we look forward to coming back for another Big Chill.

The event was supported by CCCU school and college engagement team who were key in the running of ice breakers, creating cohesion, role modelling and more! Thank you to all who supported the event.



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