The Big Splash at Kingsmead Leisure Centre

 The Big Splash pilot event took place in 2018 and was so successful in meeting EKST’s aims of broadening horizons, building confidence and resilience as well as improving the overall wellbeing of our students that we were determined to run it again in 2019. It is with thanks to support and funding from Active Life, Canterbury City Council’s Active Sports fund and The Lawson Trust that we are able to do so.

The event will take place on the morning of Tuesday 19 March and we are delighted to have even more students taking part this year and have secured local sporting hero Millie Knight to attend to give out the awards. We also warmly welcome the return of Canterbury Christ Church University’s student ambassadors to the event. They will lead teams and add a unique role-modelling element to the day, demonstrating leadership and communication skills first hand.

On the day students will be split into four teams made up of three students from each of the seven schools and take part in four new sporting activities. The activities are designed to raise student’s expectations of their own capability as they collaborate with students from other schools- a team building task, first aid instruction, an inflatable obstacle course on the water and life-saving.

Giles Seaford, Sports Development Manager there said “Active Life are pleased to be partnering and supporting the Big Splash event at Kingsmead leisure Centre that gives young people who may struggle with their confidence, the essential skills they will need in life, such as building their self-esteem, overcoming fears and working collaboratively in a team.”


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