Sharing good practice – EKST Cluster Groups

Cluster groups are one of the core activities of EKST, enabling colleagues across the partnership to build a local network, learn from each others, share ideas and resources and more.

Currently active cluster groups are taking place in the following subject areas: Art, DT, Science, English, Maths, ITT, Computer Science, Pastoral, MFL and a general Support Staff Administration cluster.

As the cluster groups have developed they have each worked together in whatever ways are helpful to their members, for example: in arranging teacher swaps, discussing exam boards, organising student events and visiting each other’s departments. Some of those that attend the clusters said the following:

“The cluster groups have allowed for the exchanging of ideas and sharing of practice which I believe has influenced how we do things.  With the curriculum and GCSEs changing so radically it has been refreshing to see colleagues sharing their concerns and knowledge.” (Teacher from Spires Academy)

“The English cluster group was useful because Spires have the same GCSE board as us and two of them were exam markers. They were able to come and share little nuggets you would look for when preparing the kids for exams.” (Teacher from St. Anselms Catholic School)

To find out more about setting up a new cluster group or joining an existing one contact Sarah Moir on



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