About Us

Our partnership has two aims:

1. Raising aspirations: Pupils’ achievements and prospects are improved when schools collaborate. We are looking to enrich teaching and learning by forging strong relationships and sharing professional practice amongst colleagues.

2. Widening horizons: Pupils have a broader experience by collaborating with children from different backgrounds and experiencing an enriched education beyond the curriculum. The partnership aims to help children become resilient learners, feeling confident relating to a wide spectrum of people in a variety of situations.

How do we achieve these aims?

We have a busy programme of activities in place with two main objectives:

Enriching teacher professional development in order to strengthen teaching and learning in all our schools. Examples include: TeachMeets and cluster group meetings to share good practice and widen networks, two-way placement swaps for trainee teachers, shared professional development.

Developing pupil confidence and well-being by bringing children together for shared experiences: cultural, sporting, academic and volunteering. Examples include: training for leadership together to work in the community, older pupils leading younger pupils in debating, running partnership magazines, collaborating for sporting events, raising money for charity.