Opportunity for EKST schools to take part in an exciting research and curriculum innovation project – Permeable Walls

Friday 10 January, 10:00am - Friday 1 May, 10:00am

Permeable Walls is an exciting research and curriculum innovation project being run in schools this year by the Learning about Science and Religion (LASAR) research centre at Canterbury Christ Church University. The aim of the project is to encourage Year 7 students to think about questions, including ‘Big Questions’, using multiple disciplinary perspectives. It forms part of a wider initiative in education called Epistemic Insight. Epistemic insight refers to ‘knowledge about knowledge’, and particularly to how knowledge is formed and tested in different disciplines. As part of Permeable Walls, teachers from multiple subjects will work together to implement learning activities which aim at developing students’ epistemic insight in ways that bridge subject compartments. Taking part in the project could be a great opportunity for staff development using innovate new teaching strategies and to demonstrate a joined-up approach to the curriculum – especially as the aims of the project reflect the new Ofsted focus on curriculum intent, breadth and coherence. For more information, including examples of some of our pedagogical strategies, please see The Epistemic Insight Framework for Key Stage 3. The learning activities will be delivered over five weeks during Terms 3/4. For each school, we would like 10 teachers from six different disciplines, including three science teachers, to implement these activities. Each participating school will receive a contribution towards survey administration costs and travel for conferences and continuing professional development. If you would like to know more about Permeable Walls or think your school might like to take part, please get in touch with us at lasar@canterbury.ac.uk